novdec16_coverWhen you apply Biblical truth, how much of your understanding is colored by the culture? This issue explores matters such as civic responsibility (“Civic Responsibility and Civil Disobedience”), race and slavery (“Race Relations and the Local Church”), natural and human rights (“I Have Rights, Right?”), and even Sunday School (“The Cultural Relevance of Sunday School”). On an associational level, discover more of what happens at NARBC camps (“Summer Camp Staff: The Ministry behind the Ministry”), how a missionary supported by two GARBC churches is impacting her state’s capitol (“A Ministry of Presence”), and how a church is adjusting to its culturally and linguistically different neighbors (“Lush Land, Hungry Hearts, and a Church Plant”).

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Baptist Bulletin Plus—Digital Content
  • Baptists and Politics through the Years | Norm Olson
  • We Live in Athens | Jeff Lucas
  • Sojourners and Pilgrims in Babylon | David Gunn
  • 5 Ways to Avoid Power Struggles | Daria Greening
  • The Distracting Footsteps of Departing Saints | Ernest Pickering
  • Family Bible Study: What Is Jesus Like? | Cheryl Fawcett and Robert C. Newman
  • Preaching the Book of Revelation | Mike Stallard