bakerBy Tim Baker

Salem, Oregon, where I live, lies in a rich agricultural valley centered between the Cascade mountain range and the Pacific Ocean.

Each spring, seasonal workers migrate here from Mexico. Some of them move on to warmer climates in the winter, while others, attracted by our beautiful valley and mild summers, have taken up permanent residence here and have become our neighbors. Two years ago, while I was studying multiethnic church ministries in the Pacific Northwest, God burdened my heart for the Hispanic population in my city when an immigrant couple, Daniel and Antonia, joined my church, Bethany Baptist. They had come to Salem for the opportunities our city provided them and to achieve a better life for their two children. Hardworking and industrious, they carved out an existence with a faith that God would provide their needs. As I sat in their living room, I found my heart welling up with love for them and their desire to share the gospel with others.