scsThe Ministry behind the Ministry

By Scott Bruns and AJ Hamrick

Church leaders within the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches almost always agree on doctrine, usually agree on practical theology, seldom agree on music, but for certain agree that camp is for kids. Right? In fact, every camp worker has “Camp is for the camper” branded on his soul. And it’s true; we Regular Baptists send our children to camp, usually every summer, because it’s a great place for them. But there’s a ministry behind the ministry that I (Scott), as a pastor and Christian school administrator, had no idea existed until I experienced it firsthand.

A Permanent Staffer’s Perspective

The “ministry behind the ministry” is what happens to those young people who choose to spend a summer working at camp. The focus is on the life-changing experience camp offers kids, but rarely on the spiritual growth happening in the young adults and teens who work directly with the campers. In essence, the permanent staff influences the summer staff, and the summer staff influences the campers. It is discipleship at all levels, and it works! Camp directors can testify to the numerous summer staffers who have made decisions that changed their lives.