culturalrelevanceBy Matthew Carpenter

Ah, Sunday School! As established a church program as they come. But is it still relevant? Does Sunday School still work for individuals and churches as an effective ministry tool?

I, for one, believe that the answer is a loud, resounding, bold, and boisterous Yes! Today, more than ever, churches need to invest in the historic platform of Sunday School in their efforts to reach, teach, and bless our respective cultures.

Let me explain.

The Sunday Battle

It’s Sunday! I wake up, earlier than usual, and go through a rushed morning routine. It’s a hectic sprint that involves moderate grooming, navigating around children, stepping on children’s toys, gulping down coffee that’s quickly getting cold, and grabbing a quick bite just before I kiss and abandon my poor wife in this dystopian battle zone, running out the door so I can get to church.

Sunday mornings can be the absolute worst. Every week families from my church regale me with another story of unexpected spills, unnecessary arguments, and the occasional traffic incident that accompanies people’s attempts to come and worship.

Wouldn’t it be easier if church consisted of one morning service or event to rule them all? Couldn’t we just get rid of Sunday School or Adult Bible Fellowship or whatever fancy name churches are calling it these days? Do we really need things like Sunday School anymore? What’s the point?