CoverIt’s popular to tout new insights into prophecy, but Bryan Augsburger and Mark McGinniss are exposing them as error. Augsburger answers “Is hype eclipsing hermeneutics?” in his evaluation of new teaching on blood moons, while McGinniss investigates five fatal flaws in Jonathan Cahn’s exegesis regarding America in Biblical prophecy. Such errors come from bad hermeneutics, which David L. Larsen addresses in “A Hermeneutical House of Horrors,” the digital edition’s journal feature. In the meantime, life in local churches goes on, with young adults “Forsaking Their iPhones to Serve Christ” but “Control Freaks [still causing trouble] in the Local Church.”

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Baptist Bulletin Plus—Digital Content

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  • Family Bible Study: What Will We Do in Heaven? | Cheryl Fawcett and Robert C. Newman
  • Journal Feature: A Hermeneutical House of Horrors | David L. Larsen