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  • The Need to Revitalize

    The Need to Revitalize

    Clare Jewell, director of Regular Baptist Builders Club, discusses church revitalization and how a consultation typically ...more

  • July/August 2018 Issue

    July/August 2018 Issue

    Change—it has come to the GARBC once again, as John Greening ends his tenure as national representative and Mike Hess begins his. ...more

  • Association Is Activity

    Association Is Activity

    Fellowshipping with the GARBC means that churches are also fellowshipping with one another. And when congregations work together, God can accomplish ...more

  • What a Fellowship!

    What a Fellowship!

    As we enter a new era of GARBC history, we would do well to look back at the men whose lengthened shadows still influence us ...more


  • Lent and Today's Baptists

    Lent and Today's Baptists

    Article is taken from the April 1959 issue of the Baptist Bulletin. Written by Joseph M. Stowell. Lent and Today's Baptists (316 ...more

  • Baptist Bulletin April 1945

    Baptist Bulletin April 1945

    Articles included in this issue: The High Cost of Staying In Studies in First Corinthians Studies in Galatians The American Council and Post-War Military Training Absenteeism April 1945 (3.56 ...more

  • The Baptist Bulletin March 1945

    The Baptist Bulletin March 1945

    Articles included in this issue: The Christian Home Studies in First Corinthians Chaplaincy Committee's Corner Lot, The Compromiser Flashes from Foreign Fields March 1945 (3.51 ...more