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  • A Three-Sphere Pro-Life Model

    A Three-Sphere Pro-Life Model

    Abortion remains a hot-button issue for Americans. Those who support it view it as a matter of fundamental justice for women. Those who oppose abortion ...more

  • Fake News

    Fake News

    Fake news abounds! Several years ago, news spread like wildfire in Central America that Juan Orlando Hernández, president of Honduras, had banned homework for all ...more

  • Bumps!


    For 23 years I wrote the weekly “Pastor’s Page” in the Ankeny (Iowa) Baptist Church bulletin, but now I no longer serve as a pastor. ...more


  • Baptist Bulletin July 1945

    In this issue: • Communist School in Convention Church • Convention Repudiates New Society • The Christian American Home • Detroit Bible Fellowship Votes ...more

  • Baptist Bulletin June 1945

    In this issue: • The Christian American Home • A.C.C.C. in Semi-Annual Meeting • Anti-Semitism • A.C.C.C. Resolutions • Studies in First Corinthians ...more

  • Baptist Bulletin May 1945

    In this issue: • The Pre-Eminence of Christ! • Rev. Milton Arnold Goes with Mid-Missions • Stronger than Fiction, but Not Stranger than Fiction • ...more