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Myron Houghton (1941–2020)

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  • Saving James

    Saving James

    In many ways, James is a typical seven-year-old boy. He loves superheroes, Boy Scouts, and pretend sword fights. Unfortunately, his divorced parents agree on very ...more

  • Pleasant View Baptist Church

    Pleasant View Baptist Church

    Have you ever received a phone call that both surprised you and ended up turning your life upside down? If so, you will relate to ...more

  • Why Originalism? Part 3

    Why Originalism? Part 3

    Previously, we argued that the soundest hermeneutical approach is what we are calling originalism. In this final installment, we will address some objections and questions ...more

  • January/February 2020 Issue

    Gracious. This word covers a lot: kindness, courtesy, good taste, tact, compassion. Today churches need to be gracious in every avenue of ...more

  • It's Time to Plant a Church!

    It's Time to Plant a Church!

    “This whole thing started because I didn’t get my way,” says Pastor Pat Nemmers, lead pastor of Saylorville Church in Des Moines, Iowa. “And that’s ...more

  • Why Originalism? Part 2

    Why Originalism? Part 2

    David Gunn examines an originalist interpretation of Scripture and non-originalist hermeneutical approaches that are in vogue today, offering reasons why originalism is far ...more

  • Gen Z Is Changing Everything

    Gen Z Is Changing Everything

    A new generation is emerging right before our eyes. The Millennials are now adults, and today’s current youth culture is dominated by members of Generation ...more


  • Baptist Bulletin February 1945

    Baptist Bulletin February 1945

    Articles included in this issue: Baptists Awake Studies in First Corinthians Who's Who in Northern Baptist Convention Liberalism American Council Wins Victory Studies in Galatians February 1945 (5.79 ...more

  • Baptist Bulletin January 1945

    Baptist Bulletin January 1945

    Articles included in this issue: Changing Editors History of the Grand Rapids Assoc. of Reg. Bapt. Churches, the Baptist Bible Institute and School of Theology Dr. Riley and ...more

  • Baptist Bulletin December 1944

    Baptist Bulletin December 1944

    Articles included in this issue: Motivations in Sanctification Studies in Genesis Studies in First Corinthians Now It Can Be Told Studies in Galatians December 1944 (4.32 MB) ...more