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  • Why I Am a Cessationist

    Why I Am a Cessationist

    By David Gunn Numerous controversies have gripped the fundamentalist and evangelical worlds in the last century. Debates have raged over a whole panoply of issues: the ...more

  • Discerning the Divine

    Discerning the Divine

    Does God Speak through Dreams and Visions Today? By Flip Michaels My first book, Five Half-Truths: Addressing the Most Common Misconceptions of Christianity, has moved from a ...more

  • The New Apostolic Reformation

    The New Apostolic Reformation

    Innocuous Circus or Insidious Campaign? By Brennan Wilson People crave excitement. With no shortage of available streams to drink from, entertainment—and the excitement it promises—finds itself high ...more

  • Reverent Expectancy

    Reverent Expectancy

    Waiting for Inestimable Glory By Bob Stevenson When I was young, Christmastime held a kind of reverent expectancy. The decorations, music, gifts, food, candlelight service on Christmas ...more

  • September/October 2018 Issue

    Do you know a dying or plateauing church? How can new life be breathed into it? To help answer, Marshall Fant III lays out “A ...more


  • Baptist Bulletin February 1945

    Baptist Bulletin February 1945

    Articles included in this issue: Baptists Awake Studies in First Corinthians Who's Who in Northern Baptist Convention Liberalism American Council Wins Victory Studies in Galatians February 1945 (5.79 ...more

  • Baptist Bulletin January 1945

    Baptist Bulletin January 1945

    Articles included in this issue: Changing Editors History of the Grand Rapids Assoc. of Reg. Bapt. Churches, the Baptist Bible Institute and School of Theology Dr. Riley and ...more

  • Baptist Bulletin December 1944

    Baptist Bulletin December 1944

    Articles included in this issue: Motivations in Sanctification Studies in Genesis Studies in First Corinthians Now It Can Be Told Studies in Galatians December 1944 (4.32 MB) ...more