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  • November/December 2018 Issue

    What doctrines affect the character of your church services? Should signs and wonders be the norm for believers today? How do we discern the genuine ...more

  • Open Mike: The 'Why' of the GARBC

    Open Mike: The 'Why' of the GARBC

    By Mike Hess Recently Christina and I became members of the local church we have been attending. During the membership interview process, our pastor, Mark Wood, ...more

  • Why I Am a Cessationist

    Why I Am a Cessationist

    By David Gunn Numerous controversies have gripped the fundamentalist and evangelical worlds in the last century. Debates have raged over a whole panoply of issues: the ...more

  • Discerning the Divine

    Discerning the Divine

    Does God Speak through Dreams and Visions Today? By Flip Michaels My first book, Five Half-Truths: Addressing the Most Common Misconceptions of Christianity, has moved from a ...more

  • The New Apostolic Reformation

    The New Apostolic Reformation

    Innocuous Circus or Insidious Campaign? By Brennan Wilson People crave excitement. With no shortage of available streams to drink from, entertainment—and the excitement it promises—finds itself high ...more


  • Baptist Bulletin October 1945

    Baptist Bulletin October 1945

    Articles included in this issue: Immortality The Telltale Coloring The Christian American Home J. Elwin Wright on Separation October 1945 Part 1 (3.83 MB) October 1945 Part 2 (3.73 ...more

  • Baptist Bulletin September 1945

    Baptist Bulletin September 1945

    Articles included in this issue: Why an Association? What is the Association? Who Controls the GARBC? Constitution and Articles of Faith Fellowshipping Churches of the GARBC, 1945 September 1945 Part ...more

  • Baptist Bulletin August 1945

    Baptist Bulletin August 1945

    Articles included in this issue: How to Defeat Independent Baptists A Critical Hour in the American Council of Christian Churches Studies in First Corinthians The Christian American Home Flashes from ...more