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  • November/December 2019 Issue

    November/December 2019 Issue

    It’s popular these days to say Biblical prophecy doesn’t matter in the larger scheme of Christian living in the 21st century. This issue of the ...more

  • Why Biblical Prophecy Matters

    Why Biblical Prophecy Matters

    Systematic theologies traditionally cover 10 topics of Christian doctrine. Almost without exception, the last one is eschatology, or the doctrine of ...more

  • Young, Restless, Fundamentalist

    Young, Restless, Fundamentalist

    Two times in the last five decades dispensational theology—with its attendant views on the rapture of the church, the restoration of the nation of Israel, ...more

  • Why Originalism?

    Why Originalism?

    Far too often we like to discuss theology or Christian living without first addressing the more fundamental issue: hermeneutics, the art and science of interpreting ...more


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