CoverFind practical insight on evangelism, such as how to intersect everyday life with gospel witness and reasons some approaches work while others do not. But to balance the evangelistic emphasis, read about discipleship also. Solid discipleship strengthens believers, like inmates being discipled in a prison Bible college. Solid discipleship also develops qualified leaders; read about deacons in India and a faithful pastor and wife stateside. Evangelism or discipleship? It’s a Biblical blend of both!

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Baptist Bulletin Plus—Digital Content

  • The Vines Revolution | David Gunn
  • The Ministry We Dare Not Neglect | J. O. Purcell
  • The Ministry of the Church | Paul R. Jackson
  • Losing the Race for Numbers | Ernest Pickering
  • Cultivating an Outreach Lifestyle for the Pastor | Mark McGinniss
  • In Defense of the Adult Sunday School Class | Don Anderson
  • Improving Adult Sunday School Classes | Don Anderson
  • Six Short Years | Mel Walker
  • Family Bible Study: Why Do They Sing So Much in Church? | Cheryl Fawcett and Robert C. Newman
  • Family Bible Study: Why is Church So Much like School? | Cheryl Fawcett and Robert C. Newman