Pastors are making news, and not always in a good way. This issue of the Baptist Bulletin considers three measures pastors and churches can use to prevent ministry collapse: prioritizing personal sanctification, understanding Biblical servant leadership, and following New Testament patterns for congregational church polity. The articles by Drs. Dean H. Taylor, Wayne Slusser, and Jeff Straub flesh out these concepts, while David Gunn sketches them more generally. Additionally, Daryl Neipp warns pastors not to fall into the comparison trap. Of personal interest to many Regular Baptists will be Don Anderson’s tribute of the man who “arguably trained more Regular Baptist pastors and missionaries than any other living theologian.”

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Baptist Bulletin Plus—Digital Content
  • Miracles: Then and Now (Part 3) | Rolland McCune
  • The Pro-Life Movement Is on the Right Side of History and Science | David Gunn
  • He Restores My Soul: A Meditation | Timothy Hughes
  • The Life and Legacy of Myron J. Houghton | Lance Augsburger
  • What Is Salvation? | Myron J. Houghton
  • Three Common Barriers to Church Revitalization | Mike Hess
  • Babysit or Teach? (Part 2) | Jim Cook
  • The Biblical Definition of Leadership | Daniel Anderson
  • The Bulletin Board