Gracious. This word covers a lot: kindness, courtesy, good taste, tact, compassion. Today churches need to be gracious in every avenue of communication. So this first issue of 2020 addresses a pastor’s communication (Mike Hess, “Pastoral Tone”), a church’s first impression (Greg Linscott, “First-Time Discoveries”), communicating with a new generation (Mel Walker, “Gen Z Is Changing Everything”), the superiority of an originalist hermeneutic (David Gunn, “Why Originalism? Part 2”), and even the notion that God owes us something (Daryl A. Neipp, “Quid Pro Quo”). Meanwhile, Darrell Goemaat focuses on the GARBC, reporting on an effective church planting network (“It’s Time to Plant a Church!”).

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Baptist Bulletin Plus—Digital Content
  • The Engage Church Planting Network | Darrell Goemaat
  • Could Jesus Christ Come Today? Part 2 | Robert Gromacki
  • A Few Good Men | Matthew Postiff
  • How to Leave Your Church Well | Bob Stevenson
  • The Ten Commandments for Today? Part 3 | Hermann Austel
  • Pastoral Ethics and Decorum | Tim Jordan
  • Preparing Students for Life in a Secular World | Alex Bauman
  • Implications for Pastoral Ministry Based on Paul’s Prayer in 1 Thessalonians 3:9–13 | Wayne Slusser
  • The Bulletin Board