Preaching from Proverbs illustrationBy Ted Martens

If you lack wisdom, how do you get it? You are probably thinking, By asking God for it. Why? Because James 1:5 promises that if you lack wisdom and in faith ask for it, God will give it to you. Now what about leaving a legacy? Will you, a righteous person because of your standing in Christ, leave a lasting influence on others? Does Proverbs 10:7 promise that others will be blessed by remembering you?

Several years ago, I attended a workshop in which the speaker said that the book of Proverbs contains many statements that are “generally true,” kind of like a rule of thumb. I contend that Bible-believing Christians should view the book of Proverbs—and preach the book of Proverbs—as they do the rest of Scripture: as completely true. The “generally true” approach cannot be maintained for seven clear reasons.