MoralityMattersBy Stephen Anderson

The gospel transforms lives, shapes worldviews, and changes culture. So does it matter if we call the world around us to moral standards? If the solution to moral depravity is found in Christ, why would we waste time fighting against immorality instead of fighting for gospel issues? These questions are rising in the minds of those watching the unraveling of morality in our generation, a generation that is the product of a largely nominal American Christianity.

The modern church suffers regularly from a lack of balance in ministry coupled with an unauthorized realignment of its purpose. The purpose of the church is not, nor has it ever been, to create cultural change. Our commission comes from Christ in Matthew 28. It is with an interest in the fulfillment of this call that I find it prudent to consider where the following fits: fighting against the unredeemed over abortion, homosexual marriage, gender confusion, legalization of recreational drug use, and simply declaring that morality matters.

How, and why, should the church stand against moral depravity that devalues human life, undermines the sanctity of marriage, and attacks the very fabric of our faith? Why fight for morality amongst the immoral?