Too many Americans, including many Christians, believe science is best suited over other disciplines to reveal truth. It is past time to reconsider the limits of science. Brett Williams begins with “The Limits of Science,” while Michael Dellaperute answers the “science” used in the gender war (“Saving James: Casualties in the War on Gender”). The modern creationism movement, which has for decades battled the scientific consensus on origins, lost one of its founders in February. Read “Remembering John C. Whitcomb, 1924–2020.” Meanwhile, originalism has been the subject of two articles by David Gunn; read the final installment on “Why Originalism?” Then Terry Thompson tells about an Indiana church in “Pleasant View Baptist Church: A Story of Redemption and Revitalization.” And Regular Baptist Press introduces Strong Students®, the new Strong Curriculum® for teens, available this fall.

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