A Christian Paradigm for Classical Learning
Crossway Books, 224 Pages, paper, $14.99

The introduction to this book stresses the importance of being aware of changes that have been taking place in education. For example, making a living has become an idol, and postmodernist thinking says, “If I can be persuaded that something is true, then it is truth. The truth I embrace may be different from (even contradictory to) someone else’s truth, and that is okay.” Thus the victims of this faulty education are confused. In the meantime, a new emphasis called “classical education” or “classical learning” has appeared in some concerned circles, and an increasing number of people are getting on this bandwagon. Christian parents are wondering what this trend is about. Wisdom and Eloquence will help its readers understand the dynamics of classical learning. The book outlines what should be essential in a well-rounded education, bringing us back to wisdom that has endured through the eons of time. Wisdom and Eloquence helps us see how far we’ve drifted and what needs to be restored in today’s education of our children and youth.