To Lead? Or to Follow?

By Wayne Slusser

Pastor, what are you preoccupied with? The role of a leader, or shepherd, often consumes the majority of your time. If it isn’t the preparing and teaching of sermons and Sunday School lessons, then the counseling, leading, and administration of God’s people and your church staff consume the day. Having a “running here, there, and everywhere” mentality seems to be a prerequisite for success as a pastor. Because, let’s face it, a pastor must care for his flock and must be willing to do it at any time or place. Is this what God wants? Is this busy schedule important for the flock’s growth and survival? Or is a pastor’s busy schedule potentially adding to the inevitable collapse of his ministry? What about the pastor’s growth?

Rather than preoccupying yourself with the day-to-day stuff that typically characterizes the role of pastor, what would happen if you were preoccupied with following? Following Jesus that is. Why should you consider following? Aren’t you supposed to be leading? Prior to leading and shepherding people, a pastor must be a consistent follower.