Imagine this: You are on your way to speak to a small group of Christian students at a local college. They requested that you address the topic of the Bible, specifically explaining why Christians believe these 66 books are the inspired Word of God.

Sure, the thought of presenting on a secular campus makes you nervous. However, you are honored to challenge these young believers. You are also well prepared. You have several copies of ancient documents freshly printed from on hand, along with John Feinberg’s Light in a Dark Place and Paul Wegner’s The Journey from Texts to Translations. 

These resources should provide ample support if needed, particularly Feinberg’s “Part 3” and Wegner’s “Part 2.” You also stopped for a carton of doughnuts and a box of fresh coffee to ensure that your audience is warmed and filled. “Here am I, Lord,” you utter as you pull into a visitor parking space.

You make your way across a busy campus to the designated meeting hall. The atmosphere is almost exactly as you’d imagined. The huge, echoey stone chamber appears to swallow the tiny group of believers huddled inside. Upon your arrival, the leader greets you apologetically. Apparently only five of the nine members are expected to attend. “More doughnuts for the rest of us,” you reply as you dole out the loot and get acquainted with the group. After a brief time of prayer, food, and fellowship, you break out your notes and prepare to share. That is precisely the moment your plans unravel.

Michael Dellaperute (PhD candidate, Baptist Bible Seminary) has been lead pastor at Calvary Baptist Church, Little Egg Harbor, N.J., since 2009. Previously he served as youth pastor there. Mike loves to teach and preach God’s Word. Along with his pastoral ministry, he is an online theology professor for Shasta Bible College and Graduate School, a board member of the Natural Law Defense Fund, a member of the editorial advisory committee for the Journal of Ministry and Theology, author of the book The Danger of Puberty Suppression, and featured speaker on the radio program A Voice of Reason.