Marcina Sims introduces Faith Baptist Church, Streetsboro, Ohio, to Hannah’s Home, where she is a counselor. Hannah’s Home offers shelter and resources for pregnant women.

American Christians have been steeped in a pro-abortion culture of death for a long time.

The realities of abortion and the deadly fate of millions of unborn babies, like a heavy burden, weighs on the hearts of faithful pastors and compassionate church members alike.

While we must be honest about the horrors of our modern culture and its murderous activity, we must also be honest about the beautiful truths of God’s creative design.

God is the creator of all things, and He is the one who specially made every child.

As, armed with God’s truths, you wrestle against the world’s lies, never tire of holding forth both the truth of each child’s value and the gospel message of salva­tion by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.

Always hold forth the gospel of Jesus Christ, and never tire of it.

—An excerpt from “Saving Lives: God’s Truths amid Abortion’s Lies” by J. A. Littler, Winter 2024 Baptist Bulletin