Center Street, 192 Pages, Paper, $12.99

Is your child a video game addict without your realizing it? Many parents might be utterly surprised to find an affirmative answer to such a question, and the problem is developing right under their noses! Olivia Bruner saw what was taking place in her home: video games were overtaking her young sons’ lives. She, a former sixth-grade teacher, began learning facts behind this addiction. And Play­station Nation is the result of her extensive research.

Video game addiction has many consequences: isolation; exposure to hard-core indecency (the authors point out how video game ratings can’t be trusted); wasted time; physical, mental, and emotional problems; separation from family and wholesome family activities; and more. The Bruners deal with these, and offer solutions to the problem before it is too late. Incidentally, the Bruners have a website concerning this havoc among families: www.videogametrouble.org.