In education, business, and organizations, best practices—the correct and most effective commercial or professional procedures—set the standard for excellence. Following these guidelines improves efficiency and effectiveness in using your skills and resources. Implementing best practices ensures that you are capitalizing on all the means available to do your work well.

The church is no different. However, instead of following manmade guidelines and standards, believers find their best practices in Scripture. How can you, as either a church member or a leader, ensure that you are using all the resources and skills God has provided to you for carrying out the Great Commission?

The 2017 GARBC Conference centers on the best practices of the church as found in Scripture. What guidelines are given for discipleship, mentoring, church discipline, outreach, providing care, and leadership? How can these guidelines be practically and effectively implemented? Join ministry colleagues at this year’s conference for this motivating and encouraging study.

Topics to be featured include cross-generational ministry, mentoring men for ministry, discouragement in ministry, counseling homosexuality, multiplication of ministry, community crisis management, worship, intentional discipleship, youth ministry, women’s ministry, the church and social justice, outreach, and longevity in ministry.

In addition to excellent instruction from God’s Word, the schedule has time built in for enjoying the lovely conference setting of Sandy Cove Christian Conference Center on the Chesapeake Bay. Our group has exclusive use of the facility, which is ready-made for family fun. There’s something enjoyable for everyone—hiking, kayaking, a prayer room, a rock wall, zip lines, Frisbee golf, mini golf, pools, and much more.

Studying God’s Word and fellowshipping in a beautiful setting—what a privilege awaits us!

“And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers” (Acts 2:42).