By Chris Hindal

Historically, large segments of the world’s population have been cut off from access to the gospel. Geopolitical forces, atheistic ideologies, cultural boundaries, and military juntas have combined to keep people in the dark. But in the last few decades God has masterminded significant changes in our world.

The protests of Tiananmen Square, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the internet’s availability for public use—these geopolitical events have totally changed people’s access to information, including the gospel. In the last decade something else has happened in unprecedented magnitude: the migration of people from their homelands in search of peace and a better life. Millions of people in war-torn areas of the world are vacating their homelands and are becoming refugees in other lands.

For the church in the West, the opportunity to reach people groups is unprecedented. We used to think that obedience to the Great Commission, reaching all nations, meant going across the ocean. All it means now is going to Walmart.