It’s popular these days to say Biblical prophecy doesn’t matter in the larger scheme of Christian living in the 21st century. This issue of the Baptist Bulletin considers why dispensationalists disagree with that opinion.

For one thing, Biblical prophecy has a direct influence on the way a Christian lives. Read about it in “Why Biblical Prophecy Matters” by Cory M. Marsh. Since beliefs about prophecy affect attitudes toward Israel, Paul J. Scharf addresses whether Israel still has a future in God’s program. Read about it in “Young, Restless, Fundamentalist.” Scharf quotes Dr. Jeremy Scott, who says that everything boils down to hermeneutics. Agreeing, David Gunn presents the need for a sound hermeneutic in “Why Originalism?” Then Brennan Wilson offers eight tips for improving Bible study in “Keep It Simple, Student,” while Ryan Day shares “The One Bridge You Can Trust.”

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