This issue is dedicated to church planting in the United States. Lee Stephenson addresses “Why Church Planting Matters,” while Clare Jewell directs attention to “Ministry Mind-set” and “Church Planting in America.” Examples of successful church plants are covered in “The Leadership Factory of Restored Church” by Darrell Goemaat and “Involving People in the Life of Christ” by Ryan Frank. And Ken Davis asks, “Is Your Church Pregnant?”

“Baptists and the English Reformation” wraps up Jeff Straub’s series on the Reformation, and “David Gunn Named Director of RBP” reveals more about David, with whom readers are familiar through his “Editor’s Notes” and articles in this magazine.

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Baptist Bulletin Plus—Digital Content
  • Photo Feature: More Photos from Restored Church, Hazleton | Darrell Goemaat
  • Renewal and Prophetic Distance | Bob Stevenson
  • An Utter Waste of a Human Life | David Gunn
  • Why Millennials Work at Starbucks | Emily Gehman
  • Making Church History relevant for Pastors and Students | Ken Rathbun
  • The Value of Humor | Daria Greening
  • Does God Get Sick or Die? | Cheryl Fawcett and Robert C. Newman
  • The Early Life and Influence of John Nelson Darby | Bruce Baker