. . . and Christ in the Lives of People

By Ryan Frank

How does someone come up with the name “Involve Church”? Simple. A group of people excited to plant a church came together to involve people in the life of Christ and involve Christ in the lives of people. Involve Church focuses on plugging people into a life of ministry through discipleship and service.

Baby Steps

In April 2015, three churches in the Boise-Nampa metropolitan area sent families to help my wife, Rebecca, and me organize Involve Church. We formed four teams: first impressions, outreach, children’s ministry, and technology. Each team carries out various tasks that help the body worship Christ, reach the community, and disciple people into a growing relationship with Christ.

Involve Church just completed its second year of public services and is seeing people grow. At 7:30 on Sunday mornings, volunteers begin unloading equipment and supplies from a trailer, taking them into the school where the church meets. They set up for worship, rehearse the music, set out signs, get ready for children’s ministry, and brew coffee. Then at 9:30 the volunteers have a preservice, worshiping together and hearing an abbreviated message. The main service begins at 10:30, and by 12:30 everything is packed up and people are pulling away from the school. It’s a full morning, but everyone involved loves helping, and encouraging relationships are being formed.