This issue considers three death-related subjects: abortion, mourning, and the believer’s death to sin/self. Kimberly Ross gives an update in “The Battle against Abortion,” while James Saxman summarizes Biblical guidance for “Ministering to Those Who Mourn” and Phil Webber answers “Is There an Art to Dying Well?” Jeff Straub, meanwhile, takes readers back to the Protestant Reformation for its 500th anniversary, beginning with a look at Martin Luther and justification by faith. Clare Jewell (“Get Moving”) and Haley Seboe (“Restored Church: Reaching Communities One Church Plant at a Time”) report on Regular Baptist church planting, while “Weaving Military Chaplaincy into the Pastorate” looks at a facet of chaplaincy, another arm of Regular Baptist Ministries.

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Baptist Bulletin Plus—Digital Content
  • Bury or Burn? | Donald A. Shirk
  • What Happened to the Biblical Generalist? | Tim Miller
  • Minding the Generation Gap | Emily Gehman
  • A Good Man, A Good Christian, a Good Fundamentalist | Kevin Bauder
  • Understanding Church Discipline | Paul R. Jackson
  • Why Kids Need Sunday School
  • Family Bible Study: Can I Talk with Jesus? | Cheryl Fawcett and Robert C. Newman
  • Ineffectual but Not Missing: The Figurative Use of “Dead” in NT Literature | Gary Derickson