Where We Are Today

By Kimberly Ross

Jan. 22 marked the 44th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, a Supreme Court decision that marked not only the legalization of abortion nationwide, but the beginning of a mainstream acceptance of it.

Since that fateful day, more than 57 million unborn lives have been taken by this legally protected homicide. The battle lines have long been drawn between those who believe in protecting a woman’s right to “choose” and those who believe each unborn life is God-given, sacred, purposeful, and worthy of protection.

It is impossible to fully comprehend the enormous, disastrous effects the ruling has had on American society. Not only have millions of unique individuals been killed, but the ideological landscape has shifted toward a nonchalant acceptance of this daily occurring brutality.

Much has been forever lost over the years, but there is still much to be gained as the fight to protect and give a voice to the unborn continues.