JulyAug_CoverThe current Reformed Resurgence, or New Calvinism, makes relevant the topic of theology and its importance. Our theology has practical ramifications. The July/August edition offers three main articles on theology: “It Really Matters” about dispensational versus covenant theology; “Transformed by Theology,” showing how theology impacts believers’ spiritual growth and vitality; and “New Theological Viruses,” a look at dangerous theological trends, with a diagnoses and prescription for each. “Prioritizing and Revising Your Articles of Faith” and “Victory at Victory” discuss conveying your church’s theology in its articles of faith, while “Teaching Theology to Kids” informs about RBP’s new kids’ program, Kids4Truth. Additional articles deal with practical matters in the local church. This issue also introduces RBP International.

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Baptist Bulletin Plus—Digital Content
  • Divine Sovereignty and Human Freedom | David Gunn
  • Exegetical Confusion in Pentecostal and Charismatic Theology | Ernest Pickering
  • Are Your Beliefs in Order? | James Balson Jr.
  • 2016 Annual Report
    Regular Baptist Ministries | John Greening
    Treasurer’s Report | Michael Nolan
    Regular Baptist Press
    Regular Baptist Builders Club | Michael Nolan
    Regular Baptist International | Chris Hindal
    Regular Baptist Chaplaincy | Manning Brown
    Baptist Bulletin | David Gunn
  • Family Bible Study: How Do We Know about God? | Cheryl Fawcett and Robert C. Newman
  • Hermeneutical Issues of Views on Creation | Gary Derickson