PrayerCampaignBy Clare Jewell

Every movement starts somewhere. “God movements” start when God’s people unite with His heart to reach the world for His glory. We believe the best place for this to happen is from our knees.

That’s why the GARBC is asking you to unite with us to pray for our new Regular Baptist Church Planting initiative. We know that it’s foolish to plant churches in the strength and power of men. We want stronger churches founded on a movement of God’s Spirit working through His people to reach the lost with His message for the glory of His Son.

We are asking every pastor and every church to pray every day for seven weeks this October and November. Each week will have a specific point of emphasis.

  • Week 1—Thanking God for all He’s accomplished throughout the history of the GARBC
  • Week 2—Asking God to revive our passion to share the gospel with every man, woman, and child in our sphere of influence
  • Week 3—Praying for our churches and regional associations to grow in outreach and discipleship
  • Week 4—Interceding for every people group in your region, especially the people groups living within 15 miles of your church; asking God to give you the wisdom and passion needed to share your faith with them
  • Week 5—Praying for gospel-centered church plants to reach those who have determined to live life separated from Christ and His church
  • Week 6—Asking God to help us accomplish the vision of planting 100 churches focused on reaching people who are separated from Him
  • Week 7—Praying for our friends and neighbors who need to know Jesus; prayerfully sharing our faith stories with the people we love

Pastors, we are asking you to lead your people to pray. We are asking you to invest three to five minutes of your worship service each Sunday to engage your church in public prayer regarding the theme for that week. We are asking you to put specific, daily prayers in your church bulletins and on your websites. We are asking you to personally pray each day as you seek God’s direction for you and your church as it relates to reproducing leaders and multiplying churches.

Further, we are asking each church to receive an offering on the seventh Sunday to be given to Regular Baptist Builders Club for the express purpose of planting Regular Baptist churches. Our goal is for our churches to partner together to raise $25,000 for this cause.

From our knees we can gain God’s heart for God’s mission and ignite a church-planting movement that changes lives for the glory of our God.

Clare Jewell is the national church planting coordinator for Regular Baptist Churches.