JulyAug2014CoverFrom the testimony of a man dying of cancer to a walk through Psalm 63, the July/August Baptist Bulletin deals with the topic of suffering and highlights the hope believers have in Jesus Christ. Hope for those touched by illness and death, torn apart by war, or separated by disagreement. Hope for those who minister to the suffering. Hope for those who reach out to help.

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Baptist Bulletin Plus—Digital Content

  • Taking Students “To the Edge” for VBS 2015
  • Children: Developing Discipline in Juniors’ Lives | Daria Greening
  • Youth: Teaching like Christ Taught | Mel Walker
  • Adults: It Takes a Lifetime to Carve a Duck
  • Pastors: Faith-Building Stewardship | Robert Sauser
  • Pastors: ABCs for Better Pastors | Craig Golden
  • Who’s Good Enough for Heaven? | Cheryl Fawcett and Robert C. Newman
  • What Does God Want from Me? | Cheryl Fawcett and Robert C. Newman
  • Meaning in Suffering | Rod Decker
  • Rod Decker Tributes
  • Lost or Found? The Death of a Child | Daryl A. Neipp