“All believers are called to live in ways that display the transformative power and divine purpose of the gospel,” Sam Horn writes in “The Gospel Way.” Beginning with his article, this issue of the Baptist Bulletin explores how theologically rooted evangelism can become the natural outflow of believers’ lives. Discover practical ways to demonstrate the gospel (“The Attractional Quality of Beauty”) and communicate it effectively (“The Power of Storytelling in Evangelism”). Pastors, especially, are reminded to guard themselves so their “message has the weight God intended it to carry” (“Ministerial Fidelity in a Sin-Cursed World”).

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Baptist Bulletin Plus—Digital Content
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  • Be Hopeful: The Church Does Not Rise or Fall on Christian Celebrity | Mike Hess
  • The Dangers of the Celebrity Pastor Syndrome | David Gunn
  • Rolland D. McCune: Gathered to His People | Jeff Straub
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