Change—it has come to the GARBC once again, as John Greening ends his tenure as national representative and Mike Hess begins his. In this issue, David Gunn reflects on the Greenings’ 22 years as national rep and wife, Greg Linscott talks about fellowshipping with an association of churches, and Don Anderson looks back on the GARBC’s history. Haley Seboe reports on a ministry to refugee children here in the US, while Sean Nolan asks about baptizing teenagers and Jeff Straub continues answering the question, What can Baptists do for each other?

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Baptist Bulletin Plus—Digital Content
  • When Not to Email | Bob Stevenson
  • Retrospect, Prospect, and Principles | H. O. Van Gilder
  • Biblical Separation: Five Questions with One Answer | Paul Tassell
  • Tribute to John and Daria Greening | David Strope
  • Regular Baptist Ministries | John Greening
  • Treasurer’s Report | Mark Johnson
  • Regular Baptist Press | David Gunn
  • Regular Baptist Chaplaincy | Manning Brown
  • Regular Baptist Builder Club | Clare Jewell
  • Regular Baptist Church Planting | Clare Jewell
  • Regular Baptist International | Chris Hindal
  • Baptist Bulletin | David Gunn