Are masculinity and femininity ordained by God? Were men and women created to complement, or complete, each other? Is Adam’s authority over the woman due to the Fall or to the order of Creation? Do Biblical gender roles exclude women from attending seminary or fulfilling the Great Commission?

In this look at gender roles and Biblical womanhood, Thomas and Joy White address the question of whether believers today should abandon Biblical manhood and womanhood. Then in the digital edition, Mark McGinniss discusses the implications of order in Genesis 2:18–25.

The print edition picks up other topics of Biblical womanhood in John and Daria Greening’s “Complement of Love,” Kristi Walker’s “Women and the Great Commission,” and Diane Scallon’s testimony in “A Woman, Her Ambition, and God’s Hand.” Meanwhile, Mike Hess addresses the growing crisis of pastoral shortages, and Don Anderson explains why Sunday School is the front line of discipleship.

The digital supplement provides practical insights into how to prepare for Sundays, the value of perception, how teachers can connect truth to life through case studies, and the need to be prepared for the Master’s return. “Miracles: Then and Now (Part One)” and “What Can We Learn from Willow Creek?” round out the January/February digital edition.

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Baptist Bulletin Plus—Digital Content
  • The Return of the Master (Part 2) | Jacob Elwart
  • What Can We Learn from Willow Greek? | Mike Hess
  • Three Prayers for Sunday Morning | Nick Harsh
  • Miracles: Then and Now (Part 1) | Rolland McCune
  • Connecting Truth to Life: Writing and Using Case Studies | Alex Bauman
  • The Value of Understanding Perception | Rob Green
  • Adam Was Formed First, Then Eve: The Implications of Order | Mark McGinniss
  • Soundbytes
  • The Bulletin Board