DAVID JEREMIAH, Thomas Nelson, 273 Pages, Hardcover, $22.99

With so many upsetting events currently taking place in our world, the question posed in this title surfaces repeatedly. Unfortunately, people in general don’t look to the right source, the Scriptures, for answers. Here’s a book that boldly points readers directly to the Word for concrete explanations, and the believer can praise the Lord that the fresh Biblical look at prophecy has been very well received-it has appeared at the top of several best-seller lists.

The book will comfort the believer with its defense of the pretribulational Rapture, which holds that the saved won’t have to go through the dreadful tribulation period. The book also urges the unbeliever to trust Christ while there is still opportunity to do so; tomorrow may be too late. Two chapters that will be especially interesting to believers are “Does America Have a Role in Prophecy?” and “Islamic Terrorism.”