MATT WAYMEYER, Kress Christian Publications, 146 Pages, Paper, $14.99

One of the practices of Reformed groups in general is infant baptism. Here is a new book that critiques this practice, and it should be very helpful in answering those who try to defend it. John MacArthur writes on the back cover, “It is amazing to think that, without a biblical foundation, infant baptism is as widespread as it is.” Waymeyer quotes paedobaptist (infant baptism advocate) Bryan Chapell, “We who believe in infant baptism must confess that the lack of any specific example of infant baptism in the New Testament is a strong counterweight to our position.”

The chapter titles should whet the appetite and show the book’s value: “The Absence of a Direct Command,” “The Absence of a Biblical Example,” “The Absence of Compelling Evidence,” “The Breakdown of the Circumcision Argument,” “The Discontinuity of Redemptive History,” “The Significance of Biblical Baptism,” and “The Newness of the New Covenant Revisited.” The book has a great bibliography and a Scripture index.