Book Review
The Coming Apocalypse: A Study of Replacement Theology vs. God’s Faithfulness in the End-Times

Renald E. Showers
The Friends of Is­rael Gospel Ministry, Inc.
118 Pages, Paper, $8.95

Here is an excellent refutation of the widespread view within Christendom that God is forever finished with Israel as a nation. Showers correctly observes, “It is well known that advocates of Islam reject Israel’s right to own the land. However, there are also Christians who do so, contrary to the Bible.”

Showers first gives the background for this view, generally held among those who accept covenant theology. He then relates the view’s effects on ecclesiology (nature and function of the church), eschatology (events the Bible teaches are yet to come), and the Jewish people. The author goes on to emphasize Israel’s unique relationship with God, contrasted with the part the Antichrist will play in upcoming events involving God’s chosen nation. Only Israel has the divine guarantee of national survival. With all the ignorance and false doctrine today, this book is worthy of wide distribution.

The book has endnotes, a general index, and a Scripture index.