ALAN CHAMBERS, Harvest House, 155 Pages, Paper, $11.99

Here’s one more attestation that homosexuality can be overcome, contrary to the multitudes of religious and political liberals who promote the opposite view. Alan Chambers, president of Exodus International, perhaps the best known ministry to homosexuals who want out of that lifestyle, shares his own story of overcoming unnatural desires toward the same sex, dating, getting married, and having children. One chapter is devoted to women leaving lesbianism.

The book emphasizes salvation and the love and power of Christ to enable the believer to live victoriously. As one walks in true obedience to Christ and His Word, that person’s true identity is in Him. Chambers testifies, “Truly, no same-sex encounter is worth the riches you’ll be given in Christ Jesus.”

Chambers ends with a chapter beginning with this encouragement to those who are struggling: “It has long been my experience that the people freed from homosexuality and who realize their God calling become more authentic. They’re more comfortable with who they are in God than many who haven’t struggled with same-sex attractions. The people who overcome their distorted views of gender and sexuality could become the men and women who lead the church in discovering true, godly masculinity and femininity. God can do amazing things and promote those who were once at the bottom to the top. I know that’s what He wants for you. And He’ll do it for you if you give Him the opportunity.”