CHARLIE H. CAMPBELL, Harvest House, 125 Pages, Paper, $10.99

Here is a book that believers, especially new, growing Christians, should study and know well, perhaps even commit to memory! It gives concise, yet satisfactory, answers to 40 key questions that people whom we rub shoulders with often ask. A pastor, youth pastor, or Sunday School teacher could use the book effectively with teens in helping them to be ready with answers for their unsaved friends. (In fact, the book is dedicated to high school and college students.)

Some of the questions include, “If God is so loving, why does He allow evil and suffering?” “How (or where) did Cain get his wife?” “How can you adhere to a religion that would advocate such events as the Crusades?” “Do you think it’s right to try to force your beliefs on other people?” “How could dinosaurs fit on Noah’s ark?” “Hasn’t the Bible undergone corruption as it was translated hundreds of times down through the centuries?”

At the end of the book is a short section called “Steps to Peace with God,” something that could be memorized as a way to lead a person to Christ.