JIM BERG, Journey Forth, 162 Pages, Paper, $17.95

Through previously written books, this author has helped many people in their Christian walk. Now he has written a book that deals with problems in life that he labels as “noise.” These are things like guilt, fear, despair, strain, and pressure, and they consist of thoughts: “Most people can immediately tell you how they feel about something, but they are not very aware of their thoughts. If we are going to quiet the noise in our souls, we will have to track our thinking, not our feelings, and then we must evaluate those thoughts against the Word of God. Where our thoughts are wrong, we must repent of them and replace them with thoughts that honor God. We must know, therefore, what the wrong kinds of thoughts look like and face them biblically.”

This book aims to understand and unmask the source of one’s noise, to understand the solution, and to find and experience “that God is more than enough.” Berg shows how this is done through beholding God—His love, mercy, faithfulness, power, wisdom. Personal testimonies of Berg himself and of others are included. The book, adapted from Berg’s counseling program, “Quieting a Noisy Soul,” should help many believers who are floundering. Berg’s parting words are that we cannot “know God ‘on the run.’ ” This is what so many busy, overworked Christians are trying in vain to do today. They don’t spend enough time to really get to know Jesus in these days of uncertainty and social unrest.