Nat-Conf-Omaha1_thumbChrist is central to the entire Scriptures. He is not just relegated to the New Testament, but is interwoven throughout and essential to the Old Testament as well. Preaching Christ from the Old Testament can get tricky. Often we as pastors and teachers are tempted to write Christ into passages outside of the authorial intent. On other occasions we can miss the full implication of a passage that does point to Christ. It is critical to our ministry and to the beliefs of those we shepherd that we get it right! Understanding and accurately articulating the prophetic fulfillment of Christ and His infinite, omnipresent characteristics are fundamental to the confidence we have in the Trinity, in God’s promises to the church today, and in Whom we trust for our eternal security.

The 2016 GARBC Conference will explore Christ in the Old Testament in depth. An incredible lineup of speakers (Daniel Davey, president of Virginia Beach Theological Seminary; John Greening, national representative of Regular Baptist Churches; Scott Poling, pastor of Harvest New Beginnings, Oswego, Illinois; Jim Lytle, president of Summit University; and John Klem, director of Regular Baptist Press) will open God’s Word and challenge us to accurately teach passages that are often misunderstood and twisted in meaning among evangelicals.

Conference Modules

New this year we will be two concentrated modules that will equip pastors in a practical way. Be sure to sign up for these when you register.

Church Planting—Every church is a planted church! Look at your own church and realize that in its history is church planting. Planting churches is vital to the health and continuation of Regular Baptist Churches. Your ministry has the potential to be involved! This module will help you evaluate how your ministry can get started in church planting.

Preaching Christ from the Old Testament—Preaching Christ from the Old Testament demands an ability to not only handle textual details in context but skill to think theologically across the Biblical canon. This interactive module will allow participants the opportunity to dig into a chosen passage, wrestle with textual details, and think theologically in a whole Bible way about how to handle references and inferences to Christ in the Old Testament. Participants will be guided in this discovery by a respected expert in this subject matter.


Get specialized and practical instruction on relevant topics impacting the church today. This year’s workshops will explore the following topics: narrative preaching, use of the law, youth pastor ministry, continuity and discontinuity, counseling homosexuals, outreach, education, and a wife’s perspective on ministry.

Area Attractions

Oswego, Illinois, has the best of both worlds! Explore this small town and its neighboring communities, with their eclectic and unique shops; stroll or bike along the Fox River, which flows through the center of town; go on a hike at one of the many state parks in the area; or enjoy the large waterpark nearby with your kids! Oswego is also a distant suburb of Chicago, so you can easily hop onto a train and experience the bustling excitement of the big city. The 2016 Conference is a great summer destination for the entire family.

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