“Hola! Mi nombre es Chris.” Since becoming the director of the GARBC’s International Ministries in 2006, Chris Hindal has learned to say “hello” in thirteen languages. Earlier this year he added Thai to the list. Every year Chris visits foreign countries to learn about their church ministries, to encourage participation in the International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries, and to learn how American believers and churches can help their brothers and sisters in Christ around the world.

During his visit to Thailand in January, he met Grace and Pet, two young ladies who translate Sunday School curriculum. They also reconfigure the activities on the workbook pages so they make sense in the Thai language. So far the ladies have nearly completed translating the three-year cycle of Regular Baptist Press’s Primary materials. These materials will be photocopied and distributed to several local churches.

While Grace is finishing the last two quarters of the Primary cycle, Pet has completed nine weeks of the Junior High curriculum. The ladies have set their sights on tackling the Pre-Primary and Junior materials.

Grace and Pet carry out their translation work as a labor of love without compensation, but they need some support to complete this monumental project. The entire project costs $10,000. But when the ladies are finished, children in Thailand will have Sunday School curriculum in their own language. If you would like to donate over the next four years, go to the “Donate” link at www.garbcinternational.org and specify “Thai translation.” What a tremendous investment Grace and Pet are making in the next generation of Thai children.