…is officially retired, this time for sure, mostly

Three Des Moines retirees have spent the last 20 years laying tile for various ministries, including 12 churches, two camps, and Faith Baptist Bible College. The group includes Derrald Anderson of Fellowship Baptist, Archie Hindal of Grandview Park Baptist, and Clem Clement of Grandview Park Baptist.

When they started this ministry, none of them had any tiling experience. Their first project was at Iowa Regular Baptist Camp in Clear Lake, Iowa, where they were trained by Tom Gorham, who operated a remodeling business.

“It is proof that God can use anybody with a willing heart and the time to devote to completing the requested projects,” Archie Hindal says, noting that all three men were also blessed with patient wives who sometimes postponed personal lists of home improvement projects.

“The ‘honey-do’ lists suffered, and we were away from home more often than we should have been, at times,” Archie says.

After their skill and availability became known, some in the group traveled to locations as far away as Camp Sparta in Sebring, Fla., and Daniels Road Baptist Church in Fort Myers, Fla.

As the years went on and the jobs continued, the three retirees were grateful for continued strength. Derrald and Clem each suffered health problems including heart bypass surgeries, but they continued working. Now they are to the point where it is “time to hang up the kneepads,” as Archie puts it. After all, Clem is now 89, and Archie and Derrald are both 82.

“After completing each of the last four projects,” Archie says, “we all agreed that ‘this is the last job.’ Then Derrald just phoned me tonight with one more small restroom to do on the FBBC campus. That should be it!”

The Tiling Trio graciously allowed us to report on their ministry under two conditions: One, that we emphasize “the efforts and results were all by God’s grace and for His glory;” and two, that we emphasize “the trio is no longer looking for additional projects”!