Questions and Biblical Answers

Joe Poweziak Self-Published (order through RBP), 121 Pages, Paper, $7.99

A Roman Catholic who came to Christ as His Savior and left his former religion writes this superb book on what he has since learned from Scripture. This reviewer asked another former Catholic who is a growing believer in his church to review the book too. His response: It was so much like his own experience and discovery of the truth that he could have written the book.

Teachings of the Catholic Church Biblically answers many questions about Catholicism, making it an ideal evangelistic tool. Some key questions dealt with are as follows: Should we pray to the saints? Did all the church fathers have the same beliefs? Are priests needed to mediate between God and mankind? Does the Eucharist forgive our sins? Do our good works contribute to the forgiveness of our sins? What is the gospel of the Catholic Church? Should tradition be accepted equally with Scripture? How do the teachings of the Catholic Church compare to the teachings of the Bible?

Some people think that Catholicism is changing. However, recent statements from the Roman pontiff about his religion’s being the only true church should alert people to the fact that the core beliefs of the religion have not changed, just some outward practices.