16septoctcoverThe sexual cultural wars are raging. What’s an American Christian to do? “Sexual Culture Wars” provides a loving, Biblical response to the LGBT movement, while “Feeling the Transgender Experience” gives insight on coming to grips with this sexual trend. And “Biblical Counseling for Homosexual and Same-Sex Attraction” offers lessons from a seasoned Biblical counselor. Jeriah Shank’s “Stop Copying Me” answers the accusation that the story of Jesus is copied from pagan sources. Meanwhile, “And Beginning with Moses,” “A Thrilling, Adventurous Life,” “God’s Highest Goal for Kids,” and “Regular Baptist Church Planting Gains Momentum” address current events within the family of Regular Baptist Churches.

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Baptist Bulletin Plus—Digital Content
  • GARBC Conference | Joshua Huang and Darrell Goemaat
  • Perry Noble’s Missed Opportunity | Jeff Straub
  • Keeping the Saints Sober | Jeff Straub
  • Confounding Convictions | Bob Stevenson
  • Making Yearly Appointments | Don Anderson
  • Creating an Inviting Learning Environment | Daria Greening
  • Family Bible Study: Does the Bible Have Pictures? | Cheryl Fawcett and Robert C. Newman
  • A Brief Evaluation of Eastern Orthodox Theology | Fred Moritz