Do you know a dying or plateauing church? How can new life be breathed into it? To help answer, Marshall Fant III lays out “A Biblical View of Church Revitalization.” Clare Jewell interviews representatives of four consultation ministries in “The Need to Revitalize” and introduces both a church revitalization grant and a church planter development grant in “Spark a Movement.” Meanwhile, Pastor Aaron Patton tells about his church’s revitalization in “Church Revitalization.” In “Soteria Church” Darrell Goemaat reports on a church in Iowa that is planting a church in Phoenix, Ariz., and shares insights from the church planting team. Then Paul J. Scharf pays tribute to Dr. Ralph G. Turk in “Wisdom Spoken with a Strong Voice.”

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Baptist Bulletin Plus—Digital Content
  • The Great Turnaround: When and How to Revitalize a Church | Ken Davis
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