A Biblical Handbook for New Testament Missions


Striving Together (www.strivingtogether.com), 201 Pages, Paper, $14.95

This book might interest you if you are not particularly acquainted with missionary work and wonder how people get started in it. The first part of the book deals with a summary of worldwide missions—its need, God’s plan, and what it takes to accomplish the job. Then come practical chapters on how an individual gets started in missions: qualifications, preparation, necessity of a sending church, deputation, supporting churches. Part 3 deals with what happens when a missionary arrives on the field and adjusts to the new way of life. Chapters include getting along with other missionaries, learning the language, and culture shock. The last section deals with “doing the work of a missionary” and includes chapters on church planting, training national workers, “enemies” of missions, reporting, accountability, raising one’s children on the field, and returning from the field.

This book should meet a need for a basic overview of missions from a Bible-believing perspective. Churches might secure a copy for their libraries so young people and others who are interested can read about the nuts and bolts of missionary work.