Revell, 272 Pages, Paper, $14.99

We know it’s hard, but by reading this book a person will get a much better idea of just how hard it is for a Muslim to come to Christ and live for Him, especially in a Muslim-controlled country. Secret Believers is written mostly in narrative form. Everything is true, but names and places are generic to protect lives. Not everyone believes what we do doctrinally, but all share the same sufferings. The people want their stories to be told, and they have much to tell. Here’s an excerpt from one person’s experience: “The torture sessions blurred together. Ahmed had no idea how many days the horror lasted. He could remember electric shocks, beatings all over his body with various implements, beatings on the soles of his feet that left him unable to walk for days, then being hanged by his clothes, beaten some more, and threatened with rape. It was so savage, so cruel that his mind could hardly comprehend that such behavior was possible by fellow citizens. There were days when he was left to rot in a cell that wasn’t fit even for animals. Drain pipes leaked sewage. The smell caused him to retch. There was no place to sit or lie comfortably, but he had no strength to stand.”

After the accounts, a second part of the book, “How Shall We Respond?” gives believers four challenges, beginning with, “Do we view Muslims as enemies? Or are we seeking to win them to Christ?” The book in itself is a warning that we may not have much time. Muslims are taking over several European countries, and it could happen in North America, too, as we see the religion mushroom and gain clout.

A bibliography is included.