Ted Martens_Reading Preaching Proverbs150x150By Ted Martens

The book of Proverbs is filled with truths, principles, promises, or laws that operate in God’s world. They are absolutely true, but they do not operate alone. The many proverbs found in the book of Proverbs are promised principles. The word promises speaks to the certainty of the truth. Principles speaks to the nature of the truth. Indeed, the proverbs are promises, sure and certain principles that operate in God’s world. However, as to their nature, there are laws or spiritual principles that interact with other equally sure and certain principles. Virtually all of the promises or principles throughout the Scriptures do not exist in a vacuum, but exist alongside other promises or principles. Allow me to illustrate this from the natural realm and then from the book of Proverbs.

In the Natural Realm

The law of gravity is a law, a truth, and a principle of physics. It is part of our thinking anytime we begin climbing or moving upward. We are reminded that what goes up must come down. This is not merely “generally true”; it is a law, a truth, a principle of physics upon which we operate. It is also a law that is relied upon in the most demanding scientific endeavors and stated in the form of an equation [Fg = (G) times (m1m2) over (r2)].