By Keith Kobelia

As I reflect on old friends or acquaintances, I commonly wonder, where are they now? Sometimes I hear a bit of news about a person I knew in high school, college, or seminary. I rejoice if that person is serving the Lord, has been faithful to Him, and has remained true to our fundamental heritage. Since I have returned to my alma mater, I have been able to renew contact with several individuals who fall into this category. I am, however, saddened when I hear the opposite kind of news. Occasionally I hear about an acquaintance who has abandoned our conservative theology or practice, who has compromised Biblical ethics, or, even worse, who has rejected Christian living altogether.

That which can be observed anecdotally, as I have just done, can also be observed in the broader trends in Christianity. Particularly, institutions and denominations of virtually every stripe today portray the drift from conservative theology and values. Unfortunately, conservative churches are not immune to the tendency to drift from their historical position.